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Ebb and Flow
A blooming transformation underway
Rejuvenation of the Kallang River precinct is on the horizon. Picture an invigorated waterfront with new walkways and cycling routes, and the ever-evolving vibrancy of Kampong Bugis as a recreational hub for culture, food and entertainment, while buttressing active mobility and environmental sustainability.
Roam freely in the current of nature
Venture into green corridors and seaside retreats galore with the proximity of East Coast Park. Groomed for nature enthusiasts and active lifestyles, it is a sanctuary that always offers a breath of fresh air.
Feasts Nearby
Tuck into Heary Local Fare
A foodie’s paradise of hawker culture simmers nearby, with Sims Vista Market & Food Centre, Haig Road Market & Cooked Food Centre and Old Airport Road Food Centre whipping up beloved local dishes.
Relish the enticing art of gastronomy
Crave a delectable fine dining affair or brunch in a snug cafe? Be spoilt for choice with plenty of scrumptious food establishments in the neighbouring Katong and Joo Chiat districts, appeasing all ravenous appetites.
Ceaseless Convenience Geylang Methodist School Canossa Catholic Primary School Kong Hwa School St. Margaret’s Primary School James Cook University Singapore
Paya Lebar Quarter Paya Lebar Square SingPost Centre KINEXKallang Wave Mall
Right there for your daily rhythm
Whether it’s the groceries or sending your little one off to school, your everyday needs are thoroughly catered for. The diverse stores of PLQ Mall are also a stop away, taking care of all your shopping necessities while opening a world of opportunity for career-seekers.
Seemless Transitions
A network of brisk connectivity
With Aljunied MRT Station just a short stroll away, you can find unhurried relaxation in every outing. You are merely stops away from major interchanges, granting you fuss-free transfers to all train lines.
Holidays regional
Tuck in the key menu of Heary
A foodie’s hawker community heaven is nearby, with Sims Vista Industry & Food Heart, Haig Path Industry & Baked Food Centre, and the Old Airport Road Food Heart, waving up cherished local dishes.
Benefit from the lovely beauty of gastronomy
Could you’ll need a wonderful fine dining affair or a morning meal in a comfortable café? Be ruined for choices with loads of scrumptious food establishments in the neighboring districts of Katong and Joo Chiat, calming those ravenous appetites.
Steer clear of the Ease
Methodist training in Geylang
Canossa Catholic Primary College
Kong Center College
Fr. Margaret’s Primary College
John Cook University of Singapore
Fraction of Paya Lebar
Paya Lebar Plaza SingPost Centre KINEX The KINEX Mall of Kallang Wave
Just around there together with your daily flow.
If it’s a food shop or having your baby off to kindergarten, your simple needs are well handled. The numerous PLQ Mall stores are also an escape, using care of all of the retail wants and setting up a variety of opportunities for career-seekers.
Easy Moves
A quick networking system
With Aljunied MRT Place just a rapid go out, you’ll notice unhurried ease at any outing. You’re only a stop away from large interchanges, creating you easy-to-use connections to all rail lines.
Penrose Accessible place by community transportation and personal transport
Penrose Area is found in the Sims Travel and Aljunied town perimeter area, in a quiet corner near to Aljunied MRT Station. It gives a great place for the citizens of Penrose, whether it’s by public transport or individual vehicle transportation because of its location. Currently, residents who choose traveling to the Key Company Area will be surprised that the Sims Journey Penrose spot is just a fast drive to the Container Area Expressway (PIE) that takes you right to the Orchard region or the Main Company District. The area can be not so not even close to Changi Airport as PIE links straight to the airport along with making Penrose a perfect area for city perimeter homeowners who want convenient access to the airport.
Penrose place near to Aljunied MRT Place also makes living at it one of the finest area alternatives since it is just a short go from public transport. Penrose, like, is really a couple of minutes’ go from Aljunied MRT Place and thus only 1 MRT end away from Paya Lebar MRT Station Interchange which is an interchange involving the East-West (Green Line) and the Range Line. That makes it very easy to travel to other parts of Singapore such as the West side and main Singapore. For Penrose homeowners who choose to take buses, there are plenty of buses along Aljunied Street in addition to Sims Avenue that will get you to other areas of Singapore including Orchard, Raffles Place, Geylang and Paya Lebar. CDL’s growth represents a genuine modern life right in the heart of the fringe of town. Penrose Place at Sims Get Near MRT Station in Aljunied Penrose is easily found to public and personal transportation routes
Penrose is logically based at the outskirts of the Sims Push and Aljunied area place, located in a serene place near the Aljunied MRT station. It gives a good option to the people of the sophisticated Penrose no matter whether they need to go with a private vehicle or use the public transport due to the primary location. Residents who select to travel to the town middle would be cheerfully amazed that the travel from Penrose to Sims is just a few minutes’ drive from the Pan Area Expressway (PIE) that links you straight to the Orchard area or the city center. Equally, the condominium is just a small range from Changi Airport as the PIE also joins directly to the airport, making Penrose a popular location for town outskirts homeowners who want to conveniently connect with the airport.
Since Penrose is similarly near the Aljunied MRT stop, in addition, it makes it one of the greatest places to stay as it is a little strolling range from the Community Transport Terminal. As an example, you only have to walk a couple of minutes from Penrose to achieve the Aljunied MRT place, and thus just 1 MRT end to achieve the Paya Lebar MRT final, which is actually the interchange involving the Range Line and the East-West (Green Line). That guarantees that there is number problem in planing a trip to the rest of Singapore, including both key and european Singapore. For citizens of Penrose who love to have about by bus. Several buses are observed along Sims Avenue and Aljunied Path that may take you to different Singapore districts including Paya Lebar, Geylang and Orchard Raffle Place. The progress of Penrose undertaken by CDL is just a true manifestation of multicultural residing right in the outskirts of the city.
Kinex Einkaufszentrum Spot Penrose-Near buying centres
Penrose Area is also preferably sought after due to its place close to shopping centers as well as restaurants. Near Sims Push, there are lots of malls that provide the ease needed for residents staying around Penrose area. From these malls your entire everyday needs can be purchased and Penrose’s location makes it easy for people to get into them. Thus, by community transport or your own personal car, you can get to the looking place whether it is easier than you think and convenient to attain by car or your own transport.
Penrose residents also can realize that the location is near to Paya Lebar Fraction which has a large range of looking middle amenities. Paya Lebar Mall functions an upscale mall where you are able to knowledge high-quality searching, daily conveniences and wonderful eating options. The mall also functions outdoor park where consumers can take a breather or simply just let the youngsters enjoy some outside time with family and friends at the playground. Paya Lebar Quarter consists of around 200 stores to choose from for residents residing in the Paya Lebar area and Aljunied district. From looking grocers and retail banking facilities in Paya Lebar Quarter. This is among the shopping centers close Sims Drive Penrose, just 1 MRT stop away.
Other nearby shopping malls contain Kinex, Tanjong Katong Complicated along with Town Plaza, which supplies the residents of Penrose a wide variety of retail and food alternatives and the place of the shopping malls is also near Paya Lebar and Sims Push, where you are able to have a small bus experience or perhaps a small push to access the development. You can find the complete list of malls below. CHINEX One KM Einkaufs Plaza de la Ciudad Paya Lebar Platz Complex Tanjong-Katong Community Guillemard Piazza Grandlink
Other attractions are the Sports Link which is a short while get from the Penrose location.
Penrose Based next to shopping centers
Penrose’s place stays one of the country’s many attractive, as it’s situated near malls and restaurants. There are lots of shopping malls near Sims Road , which makes it convenient for Penrose residents and their bordering area. In these searching malls, which are conveniently available in Penrose, you should buy all your everyday supplies. It is simple to accessibility the shopping middle, both by your own personal private car or by public transport.
People of Penrose will even come to find out that the house is located near the district of Paya Lebar, which has a lot of amenities in their looking mall. The Paya Lebar contains a classy mall in which a desire buying knowledge, good daily amenities for everyday use and exemplary food courts are fully guaranteed to be experienced. The Mall also incorporates an outdoor gardens wherever customers can curl up with friends and household or perhaps allow the kids get some enjoyment outside at the playground area. The section of Paya Lebar contains a lot more than 200 stores from which to choose among the people of Paya Lebar and Aljunied districts. Everything, banking solutions, food shopping, retail services can be found here. Definitely this shopping center is the better of the ton and it’s only 1 MRT stop from Sims Path, Penrose.
Different regional shopping malls range from the Tanjong Katong Complicated, Kinex, in addition to the Town Plaza, which offers a number of retail and dining alternatives for citizens of Penrose. These shopping centers are also much like Paya Lebar and Sims Push wherever you need merely a quick coach ride to get to Penro Condo.
Penrose Site Near active schools and universities
Penrose Residence Place-Near to houses and schools
The distance to colleges is one of the key factors for parents to look at in regards to place, as that will also provide lots of convenience. Penrose site at Sims Drive is shut a number of global schools along with regional active academic institutions creating the development a wise decision if your key issue is distance from schools. Living near college indicates parents can monitor their kids more successfully, so it requires less time for you to transportation the youngsters to and from school. Transportation prices are also decrease and there could be further savings and around an extended time frame this will get significant.
Convent Main College in Canossa (Primary) Geylang Methodist School Hwa Kong School Bendemeer Primary School Plank Large School Tanjong Katong Primary College Eunos Grundschule Bodhi Maha College Location near different academic institutions can be very important as Penrose can be near childcare centers and room colleges as well. Such schools are within walking range of Penrose Sims Travel and will undoubtedly be one of the greatest places in which to stay knowing that the kids have excellent nursery care and education close to Penrose Condo.
Penrose Condominium is positioned near schools and academic institutions
When it comes to picking colleges, proximity to place of residence is one of many main factors that parents take into consideration as this helps make points easier for parents. The strategic place of Penrose at Sims Travel is close to numerous global and locally renowned schools, creating the progress an excellent choice if your main concern is college proximity. Living near to school means parents can supervise their children greater and invest less time operating their children to and from school. In addition they spend less money on transportation and can save your self more cash after having a particular period of time which will really add up to something substantial. Many of the schools which are near to Penrose contain: (Primary) Geylang Methodist College Convent Principal College in Canossa Hwa Kong School Cedar Large School Bendemeer Elementary School Main College in Tanjong Kaatong
Bodhi Maha School Eunos Elementary School.
Penrose can also be near different major academic institutions including nursery schools and childcare centers. These colleges are simply a stone’s throw away from Penrose Sms Get and you have reassurance with the information that the kids have excellent nursing attention and better training proper next to your Penrose condominium residence.
Eateries Close to Penrose Eateries and Cafés found near Penrose
Geylang and Aljunied region remains one of the greatest areas to keep when trying to find top quality food. There are plenty of places to choose from while surviving in Penrose. For people who are seeking hawker food or even more upscale food at restaurants there are numerous several types of food available. Sims Vista Market & Food Centre, Geylang East Industry & Food Center, Top Boon Keng Food Market Center, and New Lai Lai Hong Yun Food Centre are a number of the nearby hawker centres. These Hawker Centers serve extensive local signature recipes in Singapore, and are a ideal place to visit with your friends and relatives. The Hawker Stores serve as a lively area for delicately getting up with friends and family who want to curl up through the weekend.
Some signature dishes situated near Penrose include 328 Katong Laksa and Frog Porridge. Additionally there are several nearby restaurants that include Brawn & Heads Espresso providing trademark coffees as well as pastries properly acquired by residents keeping near to Penrose’s Sims Travel place along with Aljunied.
Penrose Situated near Cafés and Restaurants
The Geylang and Aljunied parts remain one of the finest places to call home if you’re a lover of delightful and great food. If you reside at Penrose there are numerous places to choose from. There are various forms of food on sale. If you prefer food from hawkers, or even if the foodstuff eateries will be the more elegant ones. The Geylang East Industry & Food Hub, Sims Vista Industry & Food Heart, New Lai Lai Hong Yun Food Middle, and Top Boon Keng Food Market Center are a number of the hawker centers near to Penrose. Serving numerous signature regional cuisine in Singapore, these hawker stores are a great connection area for friends and people along with anybody looking to relax over the weekend.
A few signature cuisines located near Penrose residence include 328 Katong Laksa and Frog Porridge as well. Additionally there are a few bars shut by. Such as Brawn & Heads Coffee, which specializes in helping trademark coffees and pastries which are well-loved by persons residing at Sims Drive near Penrose and also at Aljunied.
Macpherson Food & Company Centre
Previous Hawker Middle Street Airport
Site Penrose-Close to Hawker Stores and Eateries
Based at Sims Push, Penrose Condominium suggests it’s just a short get to equally Hawker Centers and restaurants. This really is highly wanted after in reality as you are able to seize your meal without spending too much and for the consideration have most of the delicacies housed under one roof. Sims Vista Market and Food Middle is among the hawker centers in the area of Penrose Sims Drive which has a wide range of delicacies to consider. Previous school Hawker prices are cent and dozens near Penrose and are one of Singapore’s top hawker restaurants to visit. A number of the suggested meals here include Emperor Organic Chicken’s Da Jia Hao Delicacies, and He Xin Ban Mian Zhi Jia. Equally stalls get solid feedback on a lawn and are found next to Penrose House Residents’homes.
Penrose Property can be based near MacPherson Industry @ Food Heart, which is also among the prime weekend food centers to visit. Macpherson isn’t regarded to become a foodie website because it is surrounded by commercial parts, but MacPherson Market @ Food Center provides a wide variety of good ingredients for sale in Macpherson’s core. Also found near Macpherson could be the famous Tai Seng Fish Soup. Lots of the hawker centers near Penrose contain the following
Commerce & Food Center, Sims Vista
Food Middle, Former Airport Street
Top Boon Keng Alimentary Company Hub
Latest Lai Hong Yun Alimentation Hub
MacPherson Market & Aliments Center
Market and Food Middle, Geylang Bahru
World Alimentation Hub
Industry & Food Middle, Geylang East
Haig Path Market & Alimentation Middle
Sims Vista Industry and Food Middle, and Previous Airport Street Food Hub, in particular, will be the signature hawker stores you’ll find near Penrose Sims Drive. In the hawker middle itself, there are lots of trademark recipes which are patronized by many office works across the town of Geylang, Aljunied and Kallang.
Penrose is easily situated close to the Eateries and Hawker Centres
Since Penrose is situated at Sims Street, to get at the eateries and Hawker Stores you just need to road only a little bit. Such parts are well-liked by several as the foodstuff here’s decent and the costs are pocket-friendly, besides, under one roof you can appreciate all your chosen delicacies. Sims Vista Market and Food Center is one of many hawker stores positioned close to Penrose Travel where you can enjoy numerous types of delicacies. There’s number better place to go to if you’re searching for Singaporean dishes than Old school Hawker; nickel and thousands, located near Penrose. Da Jia Hao Delicacies trademark Emperor Natural Chicken and He Xin Bar Mian Zhi Jia are on the list of suggested foods you are able to consume here. These restaurants are highly ranked, and are located near Penrose Condominium residents.
Penrose condominium also gives close boundaries with the food center located in MacPherson Market. One of the finest areas to look throughout the weekend is the meals centre. Though Macpherson isn’t a popular location for food fans as a result of fact that there are numerous developments in industry. Macpherson food middle industry, nevertheless, offers several types of outstanding food. Similarly located near Macpherson is the trademark Tai Seng Fish Soup.
Penrose Sims Discretion Middle Park at Kallang Riverside
Citizens of Penrose Condo can also delight that the progress area is also shut to numerous recreational areas and activities stores just minutes away from Sims Drive. The legendary Singapore Sports Centre, found a few minutes walk from Penrose, gives citizens with a wide selection of activities and recreational facilities because of their morning workout routine, in particular. The Sports Center, for instance, characteristics a comprehensive indoor jogging monitor and an indoor swimming share for a few cardio workouts. Through the week Singapore Sports Heart can be a perfect conference area for your loved ones and friends. There are also different portions functions under to provide some after-work or weekend outdoor actions rather than lazing at home.
Activity Middle Singapore Park at Kallang Riverside Glam Park at Kampong Geylang Activities & Hobbies Hub Geylang Oriental Park Netball Center, Kallang ActiveSG Tennis Corridor, Singapore
Skatepark at arena Other attractions contain Kallang Riverside Park, which also offers a wide range of facilities to attract residents in the area. The park has a lot of facilities for water activities fans and other pursuits like Monster Boat and canoeing. Water activities can be achieved at the Kallang Riverside Park reservoir next to it.
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2+S: 𝐋𝐚𝐬𝐭 𝟔 𝐔𝐧𝐢𝐭𝐬
3BR: 22
3+S: 50
3(Y): 27
4BR: 46
Total Available units: 151

A Sought-after RCR Development At D14, A New Regeneration District Closest To The City!

Excellent Connectivity
✅ 5 mins drive to Kallang Wave Mall
✅ 2 Min walk To Sim Vista Market & Hawker Centre
✅ Nexus International Schools/James Cook University
✅ 1km to reputable Schools
✅ 6 Mins walk to Aljunied MRT
✅ 1 stop to Paya Lebar interchange, 2 stops to MacPherson interchange, 3 stops to Bugis interchange, 4 stops to City Hall
✅Close proximity to PLQ, Bugis Junction , Changi Airport

🏡5 blocks of 18-storey
🏘️566 units
🏞️174,648 sq ft of estimated land size
👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Child Care Centre

🚊 Only about 500m to Aljunied MRT
✓ 1 stop to Paya Lebar (EW/CC)
✓ 3 stops to Bugis (EW/ DT)
✓ 4 stops to City Hall (NS/EW) & Promenade (DT/CC)
✓ 5 stops to Raffles Place (NS/EW) & Dhoby Ghaut (NS NE CC)

🚗 Only 15 minutes drive to CBD and Orchard Road!

Elite Schools Within 1km
🎓Geylang Methodist Pri/Sec School &
Canossa Catholic Primary School

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